The Issues

Prioritizing Our Schools

I have spent a lot of time engaging with my fellow parents in this district, and there is no bigger priority than the quality of public education for their children and grandchildren. My neighbors are concerned about declining school performance, a revolving door of standardized testing, and their state tax dollars being wasted on unaccountable, for-profit charter schools that are failing kids. It’s time we gave our kids the resources they need, and put educators in charge of education.

Gun Violence Prevention

Lansing politicians are putting politics before our safety. I am committed to supporting our 2nd amendment rights, while fighting to create evidence-based solutions which make our communities safer. These solutions include efforts to ensure background checks on gun sales, keep guns out of schools, and to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous people. With gun safety as a priority, we can curb an epidemic of violence that touches all of us.

Improving Our Healthcare

Access to health care is one of the most critical challenges to our community. As a healthcare professional with 15 years of clinical experience, I will provide our seniors with affordable options for prescription medication, services that support our special needs and mental health communities, and address the opioid epidemic. I believe women should be trusted to make their own decisions about their reproductive health, and these decisions should stay between women and their doctor, not Lansing politicians.

Support Our Families

The families in our community work hard to build their careers and provide for their loved ones. I have been a working woman and a working mother, and I understand the challenges of balancing career and family. When our workplace policies make people choose between their jobs and caring for themselves, their children, or their aging parents, the negative economic effects hurt us all. I support measures to ensure equal pay for women, paid time off for all workers, and affordable childcare.

Fixing Our Infrastructure

Lansing politicians have failed to provide adequate funding to maintain even a basic level of safety for our roads, bridges, and water systems. Our children are especially at risk. We must test the water in all of our schools for lead and other contaminants. Year after year, politicians give us lip service about plans to improve our roads and bridges, but nothing ever changes. I will place a premium on your public safety and commit to a plan to modernize and prioritize the infrastructure we all depend upon.

My Call to Action

In January 2015, my friend and colleague Dr. Michael Davidson was shot and killed by the disgruntled son of a former patient while in his clinic at one of the best medical centers in the country. This was the same hospital where I began my career as an academic dietitian, met my husband, and had my first child. Dr. Davidson was a talented cardiac surgeon who had devoted his life to tirelessly caring for the sickest patients, and was known for his humble nature and compassionate bedside manner. When the doctors were unable to save Michael, they had to deliver the news of his death to his wife, also a physician, who was seven months pregnant with their fourth child. While I’ve always valued civic engagement, this is moment I realized that I could no longer wait for those in power to fight for us.

This tragedy affected me deeply, not only because Michael was someone I knew and respected, but because my husband has similarly devoted his life to caring for the sickest patients. As a transplant surgeon at Beaumont Health, he works tirelessly to save the dying through the gift of organ donation, which can be emotionally charged for patients and their families. With the current state of gun culture, there is nothing in place that could prevent this tragedy from happening again — either to my family or yours.

As countless communities across the country continued to suffer from senseless gun violence, I knew I had to do more, so I became involved with a grassroots organization, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Through my activism in the gun violence prevention movement, I’ve spent significant time in Lansing listening to lawmakers propose legislation to allow individuals to carry loaded guns in hospitals, churches, and even schools. That is not my idea of keeping our community safe.

Like far too many of us, I’ve been personally impacted by gun violence. And like all of us, I have not heard a single solution from our current lawmakers. With your support, I will fight to protect our children in Lansing by demanding action on this critical issue.

Bringing an end to gun violence is just one of the many concerns we need to see resolved. Like you, I am frustrated that our state is failing Michigan families. From our crumbling infrastructure to the Flint water crisis, the lack of leadership is staggering. We need public servants who are willing to fight for the values of our community. And as a mother of two young children, I am committed to building a bright future for our next generation. As a mother of two young daughters, I’m committed to building a community where they are safe and treated with respect.

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